Friday, August 6, 2010

Police Department Helicopter Programs

Before I go running off to Indiana, I would like to say one thing about working with police departments and their helicopter programs.  I take my hat off to these men and women.  Their job is very difficult and like no other to say the least. They take very large risk with their lives on a daily basis.  I can understand how many of these people only trust those within their own surroundings.
The training they receive and what is expected on them is almost impossible at times.  I enjoyed working with police officers and whenever a program was completed, it was always very rewarding.  The company I was working for made a  mistake hiring these two flight instructors that were used in the very beginning. They were probably pretty good pilots, but poor instructors.  I'm not saying I was better at the task of instructing others, but I tried to listen more to what was expected and I got better results when more than one idea was used when we had problems.  I'm proud of what I accomplished.

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