Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Season was almost over at the canyon

This was a good decision for me to come to the canyon.  I had been there for over three months and I was flying as many hours everyday as I possibly could.  It was rare that I would ever take a day off or even get out of the helicopter once I got started in the morning.  Maybe for a few minutes while the aircraft was being refueled, but my flight time in turbine powered helicopters was building very fast.
Some weeks I would fly between 45-55 hours.  The Jet Ranger helicopter was like a modern day horse.  I felt like the cowboy that rode a very spirited stallion. Fast and agile.  Even after the season for tours was over, I could stay on and do other things.  We did a lot of flights for different agencies and there would always be work year around.

I received a call one day from a Brian Roland of Southland Helicopters in Long Beach, CA.  They were doing a lot of flight training and he offered me a part time position.  My first thoughts were very tempting.  As much as I would like to stay in the canyon, I really would like to get back to California and live a more normal life.  I knew when I came to the canyon, it would only be until I could get work back in California.  So after much thought, I turned down the offer.  I was doing okay and I felt like if they wanted me bad enough, they could offer more.  A few weeks went by and another phone call from Southland Helicopters and a better offer.  This time it was much better and I accepted.  I turned in my notice the next day.  I really hated to leave, but this would put me back in an area where I would have more choices later on.  I stayed on for two more weeks, then loaded up the old Yellow Chevy and headed back to California.  As I was driving home, I was thinking about how it was going to be getting back into a more restricted environment.  The type of flying I would be doing at Southland Helicopters would be mostly flight training and some charter flights.  I knew I would miss the great flying in the canyon..................................

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